U & KIN necklaces | 02/2015 | ILADO Paris

With each collection the parisian based brand ILADO explores a different culture's motherhood traditions and taking it into a contemporary context. The U and KIN, two complementary necklaces are a contemporary interpretation of the Bola. A Mexican mothers’ traditional spherical pendant with a soft chime sound, meant to soothes and reassures the baby before and after birth. Both pendants keep the accessory’s cultural roots and values, but break away from classical jewellery fixings and explore different ways of creating a both aesthetical yet functional everyday jewellery.


Client ILADO Paris




The sphere is set in a bend U-shape profile holding it in a floating position and giving the pendant a perfect balance. With its adjustable length chain, the handmade piece can be worn during or after pregnancy. A minimal pendant playing on visual codes of strength and fragility: an ambivalence that nicely sums up the essence of motherhood. Uh means moon in Mayan.


Material: 16 carat white, yellow or pink gold

Available: here





The KIN pendant is based on the principle of a ball bearing. Two outer rings hold and protect the centered Bola, but leaving it movable at the same time. The system allows to easily combine and extend the collection with different materials and colours. Playing with grades of transparency and materiality the current collection sets the glowing gold-plated sphere in contrast with the matte finish of the hand-polished translucent resin. The chain consists of a thick snake chain and a braided silk cord around the neck for comfortable wear. K’iin means sun in Mayan.


Material: 16 carat gold, resin and silk

Available: here